About the festival

Southernmost: One Table Two Chairs Project 2018 is the flagship festival of the Singaporean theatre company Emergency Stairs. This second edition runs from November 3 to 11, 2018, at Centre 42.

Southernmost was conceptualised as Emergency Stairs’ answer to the question:

“How do you create an arts festival for the future?”

Southernmost proposes a festival format that focuses more on the artist and their process, bringing together traditional and contemporary artists to examine the connections between the past and the present, in a series of open rehearsals and showcases that culminate in several performances and an open forum. Southernmost invites the audience to follow the dialogues that take place both on stage and off stage, and the festival is an attempt to develop a long-term vision for how exchange and change can happen in the future.

Emergency Stairs is a non-profit organisation, and is supported by the National Arts Council under the Seed Grant Scheme for the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020.

About the critic-in-residence / “resident writer-participant”*

I am Corrie Tan, a doctoral student in the joint degree programme between the National University of Singapore and King’s College London. I’m a recovering journalist and theatre critic interested in exploring the tensions between the critic as objective, impartial kritēs (Greek, “a judge”) and my own desire to write intimately about the performances I experience.

* [update on Nov 7] what Southernmost featured artist Elizabeth Chan referred to me as today